Build Commitment to your Strategy

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Create DateJune 25, 2015
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There comes a time in every strategy when you have to communicate it. The thinking has been done, the top team has bought in and now you need the business to adopt it.

A strategy has so much energy bound up in its creation. It represents your ambitions and hopes for the future and considerable time and effort has gone into creating it. Now it’s about inviting other people along, firstly getting their attention, then releasing their energy and creativity. It’s important ultimately that they want it as much as you do.

Wise leaders know the key word is invite. Not that it’s optional, but what’s important is that people are given the opportunity to buy in. They know that people will commit if given a chance to ask questions, to challenge, to be heard and listened to.

We love this part of our work ... assisting the CEO to get adoption from the rest of the business. It’s the first real stress test of the strategy. Will people ultimately believe in the plan, support it wholeheartedly and buy- in to what they need to do get results?

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