What Executives Can Learn From Master Trackers

Ten deep questions to reflect on your Leadership Journey so far.  Reading…
Make Meetings Great Again

Making Meetings Great Again

Every business we work with wants morale to go up and productivity…
Leadership Works 2019 Wrap Up Meetings

Meetings. What should be done about them?

Meetings!  They are the most common of all business activities,…
Leadership Works November Who is the most important person in your organisation

Who is the most important person in your organisation?

The Team Leader is at the frontline of organisational culture. The…

The (simple) key to building a great organisational culture

Last time we wrote about culture. It's the least professionally…

Is Your Culture Getting The Attention It Deserves

Culture is a hot topic. Every leader talks about it. But very…

The Power of Relationships

Renias Mhlongo and Alex van den Heever are from two completely…

Priceless Lessons from a Business Legend

Reading Time: 3 mins 20 s Herb Kelleher passed away in January…
Resolutions Really Worth Making

Resolutions Worth Making

If you have a desire to get new results this year I offer 8 things.…

The 4 Essential Things A CEO Cannot Delegate: Patrick Lencioni Interview

Last month I spent time with Patrick Lencioni. I always get…

Setting Goals, Building Trust and Catching Buffalos

/ This is the final video in the…
Ian Thomas What do lion prides do with passengers?

What do lion prides do with passengers?

/ Tackling the thorny issue of…
Ian Thomas Team Selection Lions Video Part 1

Lions have mastered this skill… how about you?

/ In a lion pride, team selection…
Are you measuring what really matters LeadershipWorks

Are you measuring what really matters?

We are past halfway in 2017. Are you on track? Every organisation…
Leadership Works Is Your Organisation A Great Place To Work

Is your organisation really a great place to work?

I recently hosted a discussion with a small group of people aged…
First Who Then What Team Right People

Who is sitting at your table?

Reading Time: 3 mins A few years ago I had the privilege of…