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Is your team having enough conflict?

Reading time: 2 mins 3s This was no ordinary Leadership Team.  Their discussions flowed quickly to the most important and difficult issues. There was very little of the fake harmony that characterizes the dynamics of so many teams. Their conversations were passionate and unguarded. Team members voiced their opinions and views even if this meant […]

How do you build a great team?

Reading Time: 2 mins 20s How do you build a great team? Is there a method? Or is it purely down to good luck and great timing? There is definitely a method! It’s called the Teamwork Trifecta. It boils down to the 3 things you have to get right to build a winning team. Three […]

How To Emerge From COVID With Your Culture Strengthened?

Reading time: 2 mins 50s Covid-19 has changed our way of work. The ‘Zoom-i-fication of Society’ as some are calling it is permanent. In a report from Initialized; “two or three-day office work weeks will become the norm for companies with physical offices.” They conclude that “only a small minority of companies will expect employees […]

How do you prepare your business for the year ahead?

Reading time: 2 mins 50s It’s 2021 and the storm is still blowing. The new year kicks off with the same uncertainties (and dangers) that we experienced in 2020. The question on every leader’s mind right now is: How do I prepare my business for the year ahead? Now, more than ever, it’s necessary to […]

How to build commitment, set expectations and focus your team

Get everyone on your team heading in the same direction Reading Time: 2 min 30s Last time we wrote about clarity … Making choices to focus and simplify your business. This is the most important work of the Executive Team. The key lies in answering the 7 Essential Clarity Questions. Then it’s about over-communicating these […]

7 Questions Every Executive Team Must Be Able To Answer

Create clarity. Make choices and simplify your business Reading Time: 3 Mins What is the most important work of the Executive Team? It’s to get onto the same page and decide what really matters for the organisation. Without clarity your customers become confused … and your employees get frustrated. You risk becoming all things to all […]

Why Don’t Leaders Come With An Instruction Manual?

Build trust, remove misunderstanding, and unite the team.  Reading time: 3 min 20s Does your team understand you? Do they know who you are and how you like to operate? Do you have expectations that you need to clarify and communicate? All too often a team spends unnecessary time trying to figure out its leader. […]