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The Advantage Senior Leadership Programme

Do you want to build a high performance executive team?

Do you want to break down silos and create focus around your organisations most important priorities?

Gain one of the last great competitive advantages for your team

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Do you want to close the gap between the Executive Team and the rest of your organisation?

Start with the team at the top

The Advantage Programme is for Executive Teams who want to build cohesion and rapidly increase their overall impact.

The Programme is specifically designed for senior leaders and their direct reports. The team puts into practice the concepts outlined in Patrick Lencioni’s best selling books The Advantage and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

The programme is delivered by a LeadershipWorks principal consultant. It kicks off with a two-day offsite and expands into a 6 month team journey to ensure measurement and sustainability.

The Advantage Programme is highly practical and embedded in business fundamentals. It allows for the simultaneous delivery of results and the rapid development of the top team. Our work with LeadershipWorks has been invaluable and contributed to a meaningful shift in how our leadership team functions.
Tanya Kabalin, Downstream Managing Director | Shell South Africa

On the programme the Executive Team learns how to apply the 4 fundamental disciplines of a healthy organisation.

Patrick Lencioni Tower Advantage Model

Follow The Advantage’s four critical disciplines.

Build a cohesive leadership team.

When the Senior Management Team is cohesive and commits to leading at a new level together…

Create clarity.

When they are clear on the goals, purpose, behaviours and standards for themselves and the organisation…

Over-communicate clarity.

When they communicate this clarity and these messages again and again to the rest of the organisation…

Reinforce clarity.

When they put effective processes in place to reinforce those answers and ensure effective execution…

they create an environment in which success is almost impossible to prevent.

Minimise politics and confusion. Increase morale and productivity. Become an organisation where the most talented people never want to leave.

The Strate Executive has benefited a great deal from The Advantage Leadership Programme run by LeadershipWorks. The programme teaches universal principles that the entire Executive team could apply and relate to. It is definitely one of the best programmes we have ever been on.
Monica Singer, Chief Executive Officer | Strate Ltd
Patrick Lencioni The Advantage LeadershipWorks

Centered around practical discussion

Because team-oriented exercises and activities are embedded in the discussion of business issues, participants never feel as though they are doing a touchy-feely or theoretical exercise.

Instead the team does real work to ensure each person is focussed on the same picture and is thinking clearly and confidently about the future.

The programme combines lectures, working sessions and discussions that are customised for each client in order to address all four disciplines required for Organisational Health. A strong emphasis is placed on sustainability and measurement. The team is supported through the changes it needs to make and pre and post measurement shows the tangible success the team has achieved.

The Advantage Programme is helping Executive Teams around the world:

  • Improve their cohesion and ability to work together.
  • Bring focus and direction to the business they lead.
  • Close the gap with the next layer of leaders and the rest of the organisation.
  • Build high performing organisations with healthy business cultures.
Patrick Lencioni The Advantage Senior Leadership Programme Book

Get the Advantage for Your Team

If you want your executive team to get The Advantage send us your details and a short message with some background to your request and we will contact you immediately. We will also send you a summary of the Organisational Health Model to get you started.