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Great things are done when men and mountains meet;

William Blake

Peak Teams: Scale Your Leadership

Engage. Align. Inspire. Enable.

Do you need to engage and align individuals and teams in your business?

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If you are looking for a new and totally unique way to get your leaders thinking about high performance our adventure simulations are just for you.

Our goal is to use our passion for adventure to create engaging and meaningful team simulations based on what we do in the field.

I needed a team activity with a difference and the Reach for the Summit simulation really hit the mark. It was a different way to get our leaders thinking about how we become high performing teams. The sessions were interactive, high energy and entertaining
Kylie Dunphy, Head of Central Business Services at MLC

Why use a simulation?

Simulation training is a technique that replaces and amplifies real experiences with guided ones to create a learning environment where powerful skills and knowledge can be developed and retained. Our simulations are immersive in nature and highly interactive, creating a game where your team is pulled together as they have to make engaging critical decisions in an experiential framework.

During a simulation, business teams are challenged with real life scenarios that our facilitators have personally experienced. These scenarios, combined with spectacular footage, personal stories and expert facilitation, provide powerful learning experiences.

Why an adventure?

Our adventure learning simulations and keynotes transport individuals and teams from a sometimes mundane meeting room into some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

These environments are full of risk, change and challenge. In learning simulations, teams are engaged intellectually and emotionally as they make choices and face the consequences while they strive to climb the highest peak, navigate the African landscape, or harness the power of the ocean.

Over the past decade, our team from around the world has embarked on expeditions in some of the most remote environments on the planet. Our goal is to use our passion for adventure to create engaging and meaningful team simulations based on what we do in the field.

Reach for the Summit is our flagship mountain simulation set around Mount Cook in New Zealand’s dramatic Southern Alps.

How it works:


Virtually summit the highest peak possible within the timeframe and budget

0 Days

Unpredictable Weather

Risk and Danger!

Stages of the climb

  • TeamsForm Teams

    Participants form teams and put themselves in the position of real climbers as they make decisions about a series of challenging scenarios that come to life on the big screen.

  • EskomPeakTeamsSet Up

    First things first, the team must decide on who will lead them as well as allocate various other team roles.

  • Peak1Establish Expectations

    The team must consider their options, and the conditions and agree on the expectations they should try to achieve.

  • Peak TeamsPick Goals

    Goals are one of the most important considerations in business. The team must agree on the goals they are striving for before they attempt to conquer them.

  • Peak TeamsGuiding Principles

    Once the team has decided on a goal, they must confirm the principles that will govern their decisions throughout the climb.

  • MtCookSkiProblem Solving

    Once the base has been set up, the team's success depends on their ability to interpret the environment, adapt to change, manage risk and solve an increasingly complex set of problems.

The unit leader meeting was fantastic. The high energy levels and the buzz created and maintained by LeadershipWorks during the event was astonishing. Our leadership teams departed energised, with a clear picture of our future and loved the mountain metaphor used during the communication of our strategy.
Robert Souter, Managing Director – National Renal Care


Reach for the Summit is a high energy, high impact adventure learning simulation that helps business teams:

  • Fast track team spirit, trust and momentum
  • Strengthen teamwork and leadership
  • Align goals and improve communication
  • Inspire and motivate participants
  • Model the behaviours required to lead through change

Reach for the Summit has been created using video material and content shot by our facilitators on numerous climbs of the iconic Mount Cook in the Southern Alps.



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It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary