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Ricardo Semler: Session 1, Live and in Person,
The Next Century of Work - A Leader's Journey

"We've taken a company that was moribund and made it thrive, chiefly by refusing to squander our greatest resources, our people."

- Ricardo Semler

Ricardo Semler - The Leader

Known around the globe for his innovative management style, Ricardo Semler is a true leadership visionary. He is the president of Semco S/A, a Brazil based company that employs 3000 people in manufacturing, professional services and high tech software.

As the head of Semco he has been breaking traditional business rules for 25 years. Using the organisation as a real world laboratory for his radical approach to leadership, Semler is the leading proponent of the concepts variously known as participative management, corporate democracy and "the company as a village."

He is a passionate advocate of bridging the gap between business success and personal fulfillment. He advises business leaders around the world on how they can significantly improve business performance by restructuring relationships with their people.

Semler is also the author of two best selling books; Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend. Maverick has been published in 16 languages and has sold over one million copies.

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  • About the Semco story and how Ricardo Semler FOUND A NEW WAY TO LEAD and grew a small family owned business into a giant of the Brazilian economy.

  • About Ricardo's unique views on leadership, organizations and employee motivation which have earned him the title as ONE OF THE MOST INNOVATIVE BUSINESS LEADERS OF OUR TIME.

  • How to run a workplace that truly ignites THE PASSION AND UNTAPPED POTENTIAL of the people who work there.

Semco's Success

At Semco he puts theory into practice to create a wining business. His dynamic leadership spurred Semco to a 900% growth in ten years to make it one of Brazil's fastest growing companies. It increased its industry ranking from 56th to 4th in machinery and to the 1st position in all of the service industries in which it is active. During that time Semco has grown from 100 employees to 300 with a 1% turnover rate. The firm's revenues have grown 27.5% per annum for the past 14 years.

Semco was selected by CIO magazine as the only Latin American company among the most successfully reengineered companies in the world, and the BBC included the company in its "Reengineering the Business" series.

The phenomenal success of his books demonstrates an eager interest in workable alternatives to conventional management wisdom and thousands of executives from around the world have visited Ricardo's firm to study its success.

"There's nobody else I can recall at the head of a company who has subjected himself so thoroughly to the most radical elements of the concept of Participative Management."

- Warren Bennis

The Message

Semler's message shows how a business can run circles around competitors by rejecting the traditional 'carrot and stick' methods of incentives and controls and trusting in the creativity and ingenuity of the workforce. His approach harnesses the creative value of employees, leading to greater productivity and flexibility for managers and employees alike.

Semler's mission is to change the habits of thought that lead to rigid, and dehumanizing workplaces, into ones that create workplaces that are engaging productive ones, and which regard people as whole human beings, seeing life and work as interrelated in a mutual commitment.

His presentations are provocative, insightful and based on personal experiences as a CEO. His leadership example is a powerful catalyst for other leaders to explore fresh alternatives and to find creative solutions to modern management problems.


  1. President, Semco S/A
  2. Best selling author
  3. Named Brazil's "Business Leader of the Year" twice.
  4. Named Latin America's Businessman of the Year by the Wall Street Journals Spanish Language Magazine.
  5. Guest lecturer at Harvard Business School and MIT's Sloan School of Management.
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  1. Maverick : The Success Story behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace.

  2. The Seven-Day Weekend : A Manifesto for Radical Workplace Change.

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