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Grant Ashfield

Grant Ashfield

Grant works with senior teams and their leaders to help them reach their full potential.

His main purpose professionally is equipping top teams to deliver outstanding results. Grant works extensively in Southern Africa and consults to businesses in Australia, South East Asia and the United States.

With 20 years of experience in the field, Grant is a highly skilled and experienced consultant. He has a unique ability to work with a diverse range of people, both culturally and at all levels of an organisation.

He is the founder of LeadershipWorks; a consulting firm with a range of products and services in the area of organisational health, teamwork and employee engagement. LeadershipWorks are the exclusive consulting partners in Southern Africa for The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni company and Peak Teams Australia.

Prior to LeadershipWorks, Grant was the Managing Director of the FranklinCovey business in Africa. He was responsible for client development and business impact in the region. Grant graduated from university with a Bachelor of Law degree and has nurtured a lifelong passion for nature, wild places and African Elephants.

He is married to Sandy. Together they have 2 sons, Benjamin and Thomas and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have known Grant Ashfield for over 15 years now and we had the pleasure of working together on various leadership interventions and strategic conversations. He has a wealth of knowledge and his generosity when sharing this is unmatched from any consultants that I have dealt with. He is an astute facilitator who always achieves the end goal of any intervention.
Pamela Barletta, Group Executive HR, JDG Trading

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I would like to thank and congratulate you sincerely. Your professional approach, combined with your years of practical experience assisted greatly with the process that would not have been possible without you. All the Exco members have the greatest respect for your contributions.”
Danie Mentjies, Group CEO, Mediclinic International