Turbulence, Leadership and Greatness

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Jim Collins hardly needs an introduction. He is a student and teacher of enduring great companies – how they grow, how they attain superior performance, and how good companies can become great companies. He has authored and co-authored some of the worlds’ best selling books on leadership. Built to Last, Good to Great, How the Mighty Fall and Great by Choice is standard reading for leaders looking to gain a competitive advantage. Grant Ashfield caught up with him to discuss his work and to find out how to lead and pursue greatness in turbulent times.

Is your team small enough?

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Is your team larger than 10 people? If so it is too big. An ideal team size is between 3 and 10 members. This is true for all teams but especially for Executive Teams. When teams are larger than 10 members, meetings become less effective, time is wasted seeking consensus and the necessary conflict and spirited discussion required to generate real clarity is hard to have – all leading to important decisions failing to be made and windows of opportunity closing. An Executive Team we worked with found it very difficult to make the hard decisions about team size and [...]

Your biggest responsibility is to create an environment of success.

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Your most important responsibility as an executive is to create an environment of success inside your business.  We call this organisational health and it is so valuable that mastering it should neither be delayed nor delegated. There are four simple but demanding steps to get your organisation healthy. We say they are disciplines because although common sense, they don't come naturally. To master they require courage, patience and perseverance. Discipline 1 | Build a Cohesive Leadership Team  Your first step is to get your leaders, starting with the top team, to behave in a functional, cohesive way. If your leaders [...]

Lions, Business Teams and High Performance

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Ian Thomas is recognized internationally as one of the world’s top keynote speakers and is the author of the bestselling book Power of the Pride – How Lessons from a Pride of Lions Can Teach You To Create Powerful Business Teams. His work combines a detailed understanding of nature linked to clear insights into the conditions under which business teams thrive. Grant Ashfield caught up with Ian to better understand the link between lion prides and high performance teams.

What sets your company apart?

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All the competitive advantages we've been pursuing during our careers are gone. That's right. Advantages such as strategy, technology, finance and marketing are gone. These disciplines have not disappeared. They are all alive and well in most organisations. And that's good, because they're important. But as genuine differentiators that set one company apart from another, they are no longer anything close to what they once were. That's because virtually every organisation, of any size, has access to the best thinking and practices around strategy, technology and related topics. Companies use the same consultants, they go to the same conferences and [...]