How do you bring a business back to life?

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In September each year we meet up with Patrick Lencioni and our partners, The Table Group in the beautiful city of San Francisco. It's a wide gathering of consultants from around the world and our purpose is to learn from each other and our clients. We are an international community dedicated to helping organisations become healthier. This year one of our guests was Guy Warren. He is a CEO, based in London. Guy has a Private Equity background and gets brought into a company when it’s in trouble. His job is to bring these companies back to life. His philosophy [...]

Four Disciplines for a Healthy Organisation

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Most organisations that want to get better are not struggling because they lack good products, market opportunities or clever people. Rather they are struggling because they are unhealthy. A healthy organisation has minimal politics or confusion and sets high standards of performance. Here talented people work together on common goals while success is measured not by personal victories but by the progress of the joint plan. It's the polar opposite of a company fragmented by internal strife and paralysed by its own poisoned culture. In these unhealthy cutthroat places, infighting at the top occupies more time than solving problems on [...]

The Ideal Team Player

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Teamwork is a subject that receives so much attention. Almost every organisation wants more of it and is willing to invest in getting it – especially at the top where it is often in the shortest supply. But do we know what qualities to look for in someone who will make a good team member? Well this month Patrick Lencioni released his latest book, The Ideal Team Player. It’s written in his usual style as a fable and it's a wonderful read. In the book he describes the qualities of an ideal team player. I had a discussion with him [...]

What Qualities Matter Most In Your Leaders

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We recently worked with a very well known global company in Asia. They are a household name and have a proud history of innovation and product design. Along with its success the business has also become large and complex. Silos and bureaucracy have grown to compound the problem. The business has increasingly developed an inward focus and although everyone is working very hard they are not working together. All this worries the CEO. It gives him sleepless nights. Together with his executive team, they are working furiously to simplify the business’s structure and return to putting the customer first. One [...]

Guiding principles for a great career

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I have been working in China this month – in Guangzhou, a city home to 12 million people. We were there to conduct a Leadership Development Programme for a large global company. The participants were all young leaders, from diverse Asian countries - all in the early stages of their careers. Many of the young leaders on this programme were still learning to lead themselves and now they were being asked to step up and take responsibility for others too. It's a crucial transition point in their careers and presents an exciting opportunity to grow into. But moving from team [...]

Does your organisation have a heart?

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Does your organisation have a heart? Southwest Airlines (SWA) in the United States is the world’s largest domestic airline. Incredibly it has been profitable for 43 consecutive years in what has been called the world’s largest non-profit sector – the airline industry. The story started in 1971 with 200 employees and 12 flights per day. Today it employs 46 000 people and runs an incredible 3600 flights daily. It's a massive company, which above all is famed for its legendary customer service. Few other organisations over that period [...]

Is your team in need of clarity?

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We recently worked with an executive team that was working very hard but not seeing the results. Perhaps you are part of a team like this? You are dedicated, work long hours, are constantly online, perhaps even take conference calls at 2.00 am, but your company is just not seeing the results. What is missing is clarity. Clarity means knowing what to focus on to get results. Clarity drives consistent behaviour and it eliminates unnecessary activity. Without true clarity you end up having too many priorities (which really mean none at all) and your behavioural standards are unclear. This leads [...]

Mastering Conflict

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This was no ordinary executive team. Their meetings were lively and interesting. Controversial topics were tackled head on and team members voiced their opinions even if this meant disagreeing with each other. There was very little fake harmony that characterizes the dynamics of so many teams. People voiced their opinions even if it caused disagreement as long as it was productive. All of this happened inside of their meetings. There was no corridor talk about each other to third parties. Loyalty to the absent was one of their most sacred rules. This made them different. In working with them I [...]

Is there trust on your team?

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A few years ago I found myself working with an executive team where the levels of trust were incredibly low. The lack of it was thick in the air, like pea soup. Team members were guarded and defensive. Time and energy was wasted on self-protection and I noticed how each person carefully managed their words and actions. People hid their mistakes and weaknesses from each other, no one ever dared ask for help. Team members avoided spending time together and everyone dreaded meetings. Predictably these were time consuming and ineffective. Instead of showing boldness the team was hesitant and tentative. [...]

Building High Performance Business Teams – Patrick Lencioni Interview

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Patrick Lencioni is a best-selling author, speaker and consultant. He has worked with thousands of senior executives in organisations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations and professional sports teams to universities and nonprofits. He is the author of the international best sellers The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage, which are weekly fixtures on international bestseller lists; his books have sold over three million copies.