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Is Your Culture Getting The Attention It Deserves

Culture is a hot topic. Every leader talks about it. But very few are successful at building one that is distinctive and long-lasting. This is a problem. For most companies, the only real differentiator is the productivity of the people who work there. Culture makes the biggest difference to productivity. It’s the intangible that defines […]

The 4 Essential Things A CEO Cannot Delegate: Patrick Lencioni Interview

Last month I spent time with Patrick Lencioni. I always get so much value when I spend time with him. He is an incredibly gifted writer and without doubt the leading voice in the world today on organisational health. During our time together I asked Pat a variety of questions, all of which arise from […]

Setting Goals, Building Trust and Catching Buffalos

This is the final video in the series. Ian and I have been talking about the process of building a high performing team. In the beginning it starts with decisions the leader must make around team membership and size. The qualities and skills of the people on the team define what kind of team it […]