We have taken a company that was moribund and made it thrive, chiefly by refusing to squander our greatest resources, our people. - Ricardo Semler
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LeadershipWorks will help your organisation to win by:

  • PARTNERING with you to develop powerful teams and authentic leadership at all levels in your enterprise.
  • EQUIPPING your top leaders and their teams with a proven method to make the execution of strategy a daily reality in your business.
  • CONNECTING your leaders to the latest management thinking from recognised leadership and management experts across the world.

LeadershipWorks is a vital contributor to the development, energizing and unification of staff in our business. Our sessions are meticulously planned and executed with the results bearing fruit in the workplace for a long time thereafter. LeadershipWorks is our No1 point of contact as we pursue the growth of human capital.
Tex Teixeira: Head of Production, SuperSport International


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1. Building Powerful Teams
  1. The teams in your organisation tightly bound by a sense of purpose.
  2. Adaptive to change, with open lines of communication and a powerful sense of mutual trust and confidence in one another.
  3. Willing to concentrate all attention and effort on winning a few key battles for the organisation.

"The team thoroughly enjoyed the experience, stating that it was the best exercise of its kind they had ever experienced. More importantly, a language was developed that is now used on a day to day basis in the business. The programme was interesting, challenging and allowed for real, honest interactions.


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2. Turning Strategy Into Action
  1. A focused, energised and visible senior leadership team.
  2. Confident, hopeful about the future and equipped with a clear plan to produce excellent business results.
  3. Leading disciplined teams strongly connected to the business vision and motivated by their part in achieving total business success.

"That we've had our best year yet, despite a worldwide recession, speaks volumes for the step change in our ability to have a large group of managers continually focused on the essential elements of our strategy delivery. The Turning Strategy into Action programme successfully mobilized our strategy implementation to focus on the critical business levers that could provide the most meaningful results" - Nelius Greyling, HR Executive, Ster Kinekor


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The results our clients achieve by working with LeadershipWorks are:

  • An intense focus on business results.
  • A remedy for dysfunctional teams and the development of a business culture of accountability.
  • A cure for the 6 chronic business dilemmas
  • Firsthand knowledge and exposure to world class learning experiences on leadership.

The implementation of strategies is a dilemma that plagues many organizations. Through the great contribution from LeadershipWorks and Grant we were able to make a step change in "turning strategy into action". - Fiaz Mahomed, CEO Ster-Kinekor Theatres


LeadershipWorks partners with The Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni Company.

We believe that Teams and teamwork are a company's most important source of competitive advantage. Our core purpose at LeadershipWorks is to provide the resources to build winning business teams. We are constantly searching for the best in the world to help us do so. With the Table Group we have found the ideal partners.

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We work with recognised experts from across the world to create memorable, personal and powerful learning experiences for the leaders in your business.

The Upside of Turbulence: Professor Don Sull

Turbulence creates both winners and losers. The current environment can lead to disaster for organisations or generate untold opportunities to create economic value. The upside is that those companies that seize the opportunities will become tomorrow's champions.

Don Sull Archive

Leadership in Extraordinary Times: Jim Collins

Jim Collins provided answers to his latest research question: "Why do some organisations prevail in uncertain and brutally turbulent environments, while others do not?" and share the foundational principles from his latest best-selling book, How the Mighty Fall.
Jim Collins Archive

The Future of Management: Professor Gary Hamel

For leaders who wish to build a business that is engaging, innovative and adaptable. The learning will centre on Hamel's groundbreaking research at the Management Innovation Lab and includes powerful lessons from his best-selling book, The Future of Management.

Robin Sharma, Lead Without Title

Learn a remarkable step-by-step system that will transform the way you lead your team and renew trust, commitment and hope within your organisation.
The Leadership Habits of South Africa's Business Champions

Featuring Ricardo Semler, Prof Gary Hamel and a wide selection of carefully selected South African leaders. Breakthrough lessons for leaders who wish to build winning businesses and truly release the full potential of the people who work there.
Dr. Stephen R. Covey, The 8th Habit - From Effectiveness to Greatness

For the first time in South Africa, critical new fundamentals from his recently released best-selling book, The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness.

"I was particularly impressed by the flawless organisation of the day's events. Managing 700 delegates with Swiss precision is no mean feat and you and your team did an extremely professional job. If was a pleasure just being part of that let alone being exposed to the calibre of leaders that you lined up for us. Thank you." - Chris Cullen, Nedbank


The circle is a powerful and ancient leadership symbol. 5 core ideas turn the LeadershipWorks circle. Each idea is able to stand on its own but when brought together the circle creates the momentum that is crucial to a leader's success.

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